Non-NHS Work

Not all services at the practice are available under the NHS. Where patients request non-NHS items or services, a private fee may be payable in accordance with British Medical Association (BMA) guidance and in line with charges applied by other General Practice surgeries. Fees and charges for these services are shown below which may be payable in advance. Any questions in regards to these services, you can contact us via econsult on our home page

For further information on why fees are charged, please visit our Non-NHS Work page.

Doctor’s Letter

You may require a doctor’s letter for various reasons e.g. confirmation of medical conditions.  Please contact contact us via econsult on our home page to make your request which will be dealt with in the most appropriate way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request completion of a letter / report?

We will need as much detail as you can give us in writing (via econsult or in writing). This should include specific details of what the letter is for, to whom it is directed, why you need it, and what information you feel we need to include in the letter (particularly how your medical condition impacts on what you need the letter for). The doctor can only write what they know to be true from your medical records.

How do I request completion of a form?

You need to complete all parts relevant to yourself to ensure only the GP to be completed parts are left. This then needs handing in at reception.

Will I need an appointment?

We will decide if an appointment is necessary. In the case of HGV/PCO medicals, we require the full fee in advance before we book your appointment.

Is there a fee?

In many cases we will charge a fee. This is because the request is classified as private work. We will inform you of the fee once you have submitted your request and the associated documentation. Once the fee is paid, we will plan for the completion of the work. Depending on the type of work, this may or may not require an appointment. Our Fees are on our website for guidance 

How long will the letter/ report take?

Private work is normally considered routine work and will be given appropriate prioritisation. We will inform you of the timeframe for completion, usually up to 28 days. Please make your request at the earliest opportunity if you have a deadline.

Can we refuse to write a letter/ report?

YES, requests are made outside the NHS contract and are therefore at the discretion of the practice.

What If I don’t like what is written?

You can see medical report before being sent if you wish, this is usually indicated in the consent given. Letters are generally given to the patient. The doctor can only write what they know to be true from your medical records, what you inform them of and their personal clinical knowledge of you. This is a one-off service and cannot be rewritten or refunded. We do not and cannot guarantee your success with the recipient of the letter.

How can I complain about the letter?

The letter is outside the remit of NHS work and any complaints can be sent to

You should always make sure that the intended recipient of the letter has specifically requested it and that it will be of value to them when considering your specific request. Often it is better for you to ask them to write directly to us detailing what they need. This could save time and money where there is no specific requirement.