Cancelling Your Appointment

We do understand that sometimes you may forget your appointment, or that other important life incidents happen and that you sometimes no longer need the appointment. We do ask that if you cannot attend your appointment, please cancel it or notify the practice why you did not attend at your earliest convenience.

We have a small number of patients who book appointments they subsequently don’t keep. While we understand that we can all forget, have an emergency etc. we take a very serious view of this & if you repeatedly miss appointments we will remove you from our list, this is because we can’t help you if you don’t attend & neither can we help another patient who might have benefited from the wasted appointment. The easiest way to cancel & to make appointments is online.

You can telephone us on 0208 575 0083 - Calls to/from reception are recorded for Security and Training, cancel via Systm Online, or come in and speak to Reception.

Please let us know well in advance if you cannot make your appointment so that it may be allocated to another patient.